Go Exam

Online Exam Management System

Overview & Key Features

GoExam offers everything you need to create & run a quiz, tests, and exams for your candidates. You can take tests on a daily/weekly basis and analyze learning the best way. We take all the pain out of exam management by handling the messy stuff like user profile and test delivery for them automatically. Whether you have a small number or a hundred, we've got you covered.

Easy to use for everyone

GoExam is an online exam system designed for individuals, educational institutes, business organizations and their candidates. Using it is easy for everyone Administrator, teachers and candidates.

Question bank management

GoExam offers unlimited multi-lingual question bank management; it supports the legacy of an organization from their knowledgeable and experienced teachers in the form of questions.

Simplified candidate management

The candidate management process is a tedious task, involving too much time and resources. With GoExam, the process from enrollment to progress reports can be done at your fingertips with absolute accuracy and utmost care, yet so simple!

Powerful Analysis

GoExam provides a comprehensive set of real-time reports allowing you to measure accurately the effectiveness of every quiz or exam you conduct or appear.

Secured by SSL

GoExam software is covered by industry leading SSL. We use 128-bit SSL encryption, the same used for internet banking. Online applications are much more secure than emailing your data or giving out discs with your data on it.

Import & export data

GoExam software is covered by industry leading SSL. We use 128-bit SSL encryption, the same used for internet banking. Online applications are much more secure than emailing your data or giving out discs with your data on it.

100% White labeled

GoExam is built from the ground up for organizations as their product itself. Create accounts for your candidates, rebrand the interface and set your examination system.

Plenty of concurrent test takers

Organizing campus drives in colleges and aptitude tests in the entrance levels is now made comfortable with very large number of exam takers here.
You may go ahead and plan your giant amount of test series with huge number of concurrent candidates giving the tests at the same time, either on the same location or at many different locations across the globe.

The addictive tool for exam managers

Watch the exams live. You can see current activity of your candidates such as taking (live) completed, dropped exams with their number of attempts, device name, browser, operating system, IP address and location details.
Live exam monitoring is made very handy and accurate with the use of exam monitor.

Empower the learner – Test Maker Software

Test Maker Software gives an advantage to the learners, and they can create tests on different parameters assisting self-study.

Learners can select tutor mode or test mode. The difficulty level, number of questions and sections can be chosen as per learner’s wish.

The candidate can create a test from a huge question bank specifying Unused, Incorrect, and Flagged questions. The questions asked repeatedly can be prevented here.

Administrators just need to create a question bank once and need not take the load of creating tests. Test Maker is a win-win tool polishing the learners and facilitating the administrators.

Test Maker Software supportively assists self-study. Learners can select tutor or test mode. The questions can be chosen as per, unused, incorrect or flagged for preventing questions asked repeatedly.

The performance report in the test maker software provides a perfect track record of your understanding and level of your exam preparations.

White labeled Exam portal

GoExam believes in real support to the organizations for attaining their goals but remaining backstage.
We offer 100% white labeled solutions, which means no GoExam logo and branding elements in your candidate site.
GoExam enables you to create your exam portal in less than one minute.
Your candidates would relish your exams with authentic content and excellent software. This would definitely enhance your brand value.


Offer your candidates an easy and email-verified self-registration and facilitate your exam manager. The candidates can / cannot select a particular group as per your wish and may enter the personal details themselves.
A proper email verification is made for the candidate which avoids fake IDs and can help in the presentation of dummy candidates. Self-registration can be done on your website itself / LMS also with our registration API.

Questions have advanced, enjoy testing

Professional exams have become super dynamic, traditional multiple choice questions are just like boiled rice, we need curries and salads to complete the meal.

GoExam offers you 6 different types of questions namely (1) Multiple Choice (2) Multiple Correct (3) Fill in the blank (4) Matching Type (5) Yes / No (6) True / False.

You can assign marks as per difficulty level of a question, and supportive explanations can be added easily. If required, you can add tags to the question which would be hidden to the candidate but can help the exam manager.

Access rights – Granted or denied

GoExam offers you to assign roles to the people involved in the testing process. You can create accounts and provide them the access rights as per their role.

These instructor accounts namely Exam Manager (Admin), Content Providers (Professors, Teachers), Data Entry Operator, Assessors and their access rights can be assigned as per the exams, content, date and time, candidates and general administration.

The access rights can be altered as per the situation for other exams in future.

Exam and Data Security

Exam security and proctoring tools ensure preventing of multiple sign-in, copy paste and print screen while your exam.

You’ll get instant email alert report with IP address, location, operating system and browser details to prevent cheating during the exam.

You can also deny or grant exam access for that candidate from your admin account.
All exams and data security alerts are recorded and available to review anytime in your admin account.

Create and preserve your data

Export your data such as Questions, candidates, groups and sections in a popular file format such as Microsoft Excel.

This data can also be shared with anyone you want easily. Hence, sharing and preserving of your valuable data are made possible with minimum efforts.

You can again import the same data into our system with ease by a single click. Also, you can use these files in other LMS systems for quiz and assessment purposes.

Mobile and tablet ready.

Goexam is designed keeping in mind the current mobile and tablet use pattern.
The site is completely responsive and gives you the best look in any device be it a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphones.

SMS Integration

Integrate any SMS API and send SMS to your registered candidates right away from your account. Just provide simple API details and you are ready to go. No technical skills required.

You can include data variables in the SMS such as Name, Username, and Password of your candidates. Personalized SMS is sent to the candidates regarding their login details and exam details.

Notify your candidates about your online quiz and assessments directly from the system.
You may also buy the SMS pack from our store if you wish to.