CMS For Elearning

CMS For Elearning

Key Features

Gorgeous Presentation

User-friendly interface with the minimal configuration necessary. Create attractive learning programs with no design experience needed.

Unique Features Offered For Content Curation

Create in a snap. Select and publish your content using extensive resources. Embed videos from YouTube, interactive elements,presentation using Slideshare.

Data security guarantee

Your content and statistics are securely stored on India-located servers. The system creates backups at several data centers simultaneously — and this is just one of the 15 security measures we use.

Ready For Conversation

Conversation encourages learning. In the majority of learning programs, the user is directed to other pages when they want to comment on any of the material.

Video lectures

A presentation combined with a speaker video makes a beautiful video lesson.

Tailored solution

We actively use customer feedback to make our system even better. Upgrades are released every 3 month. If you have any specific requests (e.g., to add a new report, or to set domain aliases), contact us for a personalized solution.