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Software Redevelopment

Software Redevelopment

Software Redevelopment

While using software there can be requirement for certain modifications as well. These modifications or redevelopment requirements arise from different purposes. Due to certain changes in operational procedure, diversification, regulatory changes, up gradation etc, there can be requirement for Software Redevelopment. Accunity Services apart from providing the services of software development, also offer their clients the services of Software Redevelopment.

Adaptive redevelopment

This type of service is basically required for all types of software. The requirement of this type of service can arise at any point of time during software lifecycle. This is mostly required for maintaining the compatibility of the software along with its external accessories. The requirement keeps on arising with every development in factors like changes in communication system, up gradation of memory capacity, improvement of displaying devices and most vitally with the changes in the overall computer technologies.

Corrective Redevelopment

This is very common in practical life. The requirement for corrective redevelopment often arises with some kind of fault in the software. Users when face hardships with using the software, call an expert to fix it, in order to bring it to the operational state. In this kind of redevelopment the original configuration of the software or the original coding of the software does not require much modification. The actions which are involved with this type of redevelopment service are isolation, localization, interchange, reassembly, disassembly etc.

Perfective redevelopment

Another type of Software Redevelopment in Mumbai is Perfective redevelopment. This service is required by the users in order to improve the performance of their software. Users should always choose a reputed Software Redevelopment Company in Mumbai for this purpose because this directly affects the performance of your organization.